EA continues the sad trend that some of the most important companies in the technology sector and the video game industry are experiencing, making further cuts in their workforce.

In a statement about the layoffs, which could affect 775 people working at EA, the CEO Andre Wilson He explains how the company has continued to add big hits with the latest releases, but even when business is booming, that doesn’t seem to translate into securing jobs for its employees.

Wilson said, “As we become more focused on our portfolio, we are moving away from projects that don’t contribute to our strategy, reviewing our real estate footprint and restructuring some of our teams. These decisions are expected to affect approximately 6% of the workforce. This is the hardest part, and we work through the process with the utmost care and respect.”

We previously reported in February that EA fired 200 Apex Legends QA testers. It has not been clarified if these layoffs are part of the 6% mentioned here, but we will update the news if they are finally clarified.

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