We are in the new era of Aitana! In fact, we even walked into his Alpha house. And what madness! The Catalan has taken the reins of the party and has long been a DJ for her guests. All this for a good excuse: to celebrate the launch of Angels. And it is that often a great song was marked.

Aitana was supported by some of her colleagues and colleagues. Faces as familiar as Clara Galle, Jedet, Lele Pons or Belén Aguilera They did not hesitate to go to the Lula Club to enjoy the party.

Aitana, who came after appearing in El Hormiguero, gave an impressive look at the event. And it was impressive!

It was Aitana’s dress

To get out on the Alpha House stage, Aitana decided to bet on one of the most popular firms among celebrities. This is Andreadamo, an Italian house that has fallen in love with its shapes and whose designer is Andre Adamo. And it is that he bets on elastics, transparencies and basic colors.

Aitana wore a dress called FAMARA and it belongs to the collection that the Italian firm launched last fall. A most original design that goes with everything with its Alpha stage.

The design opts for a mesh bodysuit at the top, covering the breasts with two elongated straps that end at the waist. In the part of the armpits we find two openings that give roundness to the figure. Also a cord crosses the dress and ends up being tied at the level of the neck.

The skirt follows this punk aesthetic, made with long black straps that end at the knee and give shape to the silhouette. A dress that Aitana looks great on. Plus, we love the hairstyle you decided to wear with this outfit.. And it seems to be part of the design.

The design of this dress and the rest of the collection, as it appears on the official website of the firm, is inspired by the Canary Islands, specifically Lanzarote. And it is that the Italian designer was inspired by this place to create these shapes.

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