Alejandro Sanz throws one of his guitarists to the ground live

Alejandro Sanz throws one of his guitarists to the ground live


The singer and one of his musicians suffered a small collision on stage which ended with the guitarist playing from the same floor. A moment which, far from being a tragedy, aroused the laughter of the public.

Alejandro Sanz is on tour in Latin America. The singer started 2023 by hanging the “all sold out” sign in the most important squares in Latin America.

CDMX, Guadalajara, Querétaro and Puebla were the first stages of a tour in which he will also visit Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires oh Montevideo. He won’t return to Spain until June, when the national tour kicks off in Pamplona and ends in Chiclana de la Frontera in August.

The tour ‘Sanz Live’ It is an authentic experience for the senses. The artist takes the stage with his faithful band of musicians to review from its greatest classics to the latest releases. “That precise moment when thousands of people sing and feel at the same time. It’s exceptionally unique, it’s the art of living and feeling alive”, explained the singer on his Instagram account about the power of live music.

It was at the concert Telmex Auditorium, in the city of Guadalajara, where Alejandro Sanz collided with his guitarist, than before the impact fell irretrievably to the ground.

However, far from lamenting, the musician took on a pleasant attitude: he continued to play the floor like a real rocker while Sanz held his head and laughed.

The incident drew laughter from the front row audience, whose mobile phones recorded the moment. Alejandro Sanz didn’t stop singing the song that was playing at the time, What I was is what I am.

If the concert had been controlled by a referee, he would have given Alejandro Sanz a red card. Without a doubt.

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