A gas leak and fire in a work on the public highway aroused concern this Tuesday among residents of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Little horse, since it occurred a few meters from a residential building, on the sidewalk at the corner of the streets Valle and Víctor Martínez. City Firefighters are working on site to control the flames.

The fire originated after 2 p.m. this afternoon in a four-meter-deep excavation, where construction workers were working. Edesur. Agents from the Neighborhood Police Station 6 B of the City Police approached there and interviewed the employees of the electricity distributor, who assured that “The igneous source had been generated after splicing a high-voltage cable at the entrance of a building.”

Police sources added that the workers were carrying out these splicing tasks with a torch and, in that situation, a gas pipe broke.

A few minutes later the firefighters arrived, and as a precaution, they processed the cut off of gas and electricity supply to the building with the ground floor and eight floors. They then proceeded to control the fire: “Two 38 mm lines are used to direct the flames and move them away from the building”, they explained from the institution. Thus, the gas evaded in the ochava has not reached a greater spread so far.

The accident occurred meters from a residential building

According to them, for now it was not necessary to evacuate the residents of the departments. The property is also being inspected by Civil Defense personnel, who are also participating in the operation. Traffic in both blocks is momentarily interrupted.

Last Thursday Another fire affected a paint shop in the Buenos Aires town of Munro, in the party of Vicente Lopez. Several fire crews worked on site to put out the flames, while SAME ambulances came to assist employees who were present when the fire broke out. Two people had to be assisted for minor injuries and a nervous breakdown.

The incident also began in the afternoon at a premises of the Mafer company, located on Miter avenue at 2100, between Virrey Olaguer and Feliú streets and Rastreador Fournier. The fire started in the trading depot, where flammable material accumulates. Some neighbors say that explosions were heard while the incident was taking place.

The paint shop where the fire occurred in Munro.

Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Vicente López They immediately reached that area and extinguished the flames in collaboration with crews from the Barracks of San Isidro and Villa Ballester that with the passing of the minutes they joined the tasks to contain and quell the fire.

In addition, personnel from the Civil Defense and Transit of the Municipality of Vicente López also participated in the operation. The houses on the block had to be evacuated as a precaution.

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