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Cyberpunk 2077 – CD Project had to refund 51 million euros

Cyberpunk 2077

The hype surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 was so enormous towards the end of last year that a flop had to be ruled out. Development studio CD Project RED had several years and a production budget of 100 million euros to develop a triple A title. In the end, shortly before the release, the studio announced that the game was completely finished.

When the game was postponed for another 3 weeks in November 2020, the gaming community had no idea that everything was going haywire in the background. Actually it was said at the time that one only wanted to polish up the ports for PS4 and Co. a bit. But in the end the game was massively bugged and practically unplayable, especially on the Last Gen consoles.


Many players had little or no problems with the game and rated it good. The lively game world, the numerous possibilities and the story ensure that the Polish developers were able to receive a rating of 85% positive reviews on Metacritic. That is a very good value.

Even so, the bugs in the game were real and so serious for some players that they gave their game back. So far, CD Project kept under wraps how often they actually had to refund the game. However, the company’s current financial report is the first to present tangible figures.

51 million euros

A total of 180,000 copies of the game are said to have been returned. In the financial report it is stated, somewhat hidden, that the costs for this are 51.2 million euros. This means that around 2% of all buyers have returned the game digitally or physically.

For CD Project, however, this has little impact – financially speaking. In contrast, there are over 13 million sales, which have contributed to a massive increase in sales over the last financial year. The company made a profit of 249 million euros. Compared to total sales, the refunds are approximately 10%. That is a large proportion when you consider that these are dissatisfied customers. Ultimately, however, there is a big profit left.

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