One of the great news that leaves us 2023 it’s him revival of survival horror video games. En los últimos cuatro meses hemos recibido tan notorios como los remakes de Dead Space y Resident Evil 4 o una de las entregas ‘losts’ de la serie Project Zero, y próximamente saldrán Alone in the Dark, Amnesia: The Bunker, Quantum Error y , Of course, Alan Wake 2.

Remedy embarked on a most ambitious adventure by starting to develop several projects at the same time. Beyond Project Condor, Control 2 or Vanguard, the company led by Sam Lake intends the sequel to Alan Wake will be released this yearand precisely today more details were shared about it.

Alan Wake will arrive at the end of the year

  • A few hours ago, a financial report from Remedy was released revealing that Alan Wake 2 is already in the final stages of its development
  • Of course, it looks like this will be the only Remedy video game coming in the coming months, since Vanguard, Project Condor, Control 2 and Max Payne’s remakes are progressing well but are still far from finished
  • SO, the logic would be to wait for a first gameplay of Alan Wake 2 in one of the big events that will take place in June next to the announcement of a release date (which points to the last quarter of 2023)

What can we expect from Alan Wake 2?

In addition to healthy doses of psychological terror and gameplay focused on the survival-horror genre, Remedy wants to ensure that Alan Wake 2 is accessible to all audiences.both for those who have not played the previous one and for those who know nothing about the interconnected universe with Control.

Beyond that we can wait a current generation experience who enjoys the benefits of cutting-edge systems such as PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, since the game will not be released on older generation consoles.

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