“Older Aitana can’t come on the phone right now. For what? Oh, because she died”, Angels of the father I could start with this mythical phrase from Look what you made me do by Taylor Swift. And it’s what little is left of that teenager we met eating San Jacobos at the academy of Operation Triumph.

Aitana gave a 180 degree turn to her career. Not only in sound, where he bets on house, but also with his image. The singer clarifies that she is no longer the girl next door, the spanish sweetheart (as Samantha Hudson would say), whose video clips you can watch quietly on the sofa at home with your parents.

Aitana goes further and becomes the angel who sins, as she says herself in the song: she is not that good and innocent girl that society thought, but a grown woman who takes the reins of her career and who savors his sexuality.

Con Angels, Aitana surprised her followers, especially the younger ones. If Miley Cyrus broke with her Disney era at the hands of Cannot be tamed in 2010, Aitana did it with this video. And it’s not for less!

Indeed, the singer appears wearing a radical change of look: cut her famous long hair and leave it in a bob style. A cut that, even if it is a wig, is quite a statement of intent. Short hair has always been associated with independent women, femme fatales and antagonists: Aitana makes a point of specifying from the start that this stage is the most rebellious of her career.

Aitana scores hers Euphoria in Los Angeles

Directed by VampireAitana marked her own evening in the purest Euphoria style, the famous HBO series. The singer arrives at a nightclub filled with attractive young men. Everyone dances around her.

That’s when they all start kissing. Everyone with everyone, without distinction. Aitana, in the center of the floor, is part of this kissing party. We thus see the singer engage with boys and girls, breaking completely with her most innocent time.

Angels it’s not just Alpha’s musical presentation (although Formentera there In the car they will also be there), it is the beginning of a new visual era where anything can happen.

If we saw Britney from there Baby one more time A Toxic or Justin Bieber putting away his baby for What Do You Mean, now it’s Aitana starting his more mature era with the beat of house. How fortunate to live in the same temporary space as her to be able to witness the evolution of one of the most important pop stars in the history of our country.

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