The fact that Manuel Cortes there soul bread they compete together in survivors being brothers, it is something that their companions did not see well. They give a lot of play and, especially him, they make a lot of enemies and raquel bun is responsible for defending them.

This Thursday, he found A Pantoja after his visit to Honduras where he was able to meet Ashraf to which he specified that he was having a good contest. She also spoke to her cousins ​​who questioned her behavior with her boyfriend. And that, it seems that the mother of creatures did not like that.

“The moment a candidate thinks he can be off-center, you don’t like that something outside, ultimately, destabilizes himRaquel said of Isa’s visit. “I came in because he let me in,” defended Isa.

“Again, you’re like donkeys, go ahead, go ahead,” Raquel would reply. “The one who looks like donkeys is you take that away from me again,” he received in response.

“The visit there, to your cousin, it’s normal that he destabilizes, like any other person. It’s not the same to receive good things as explanations“, he explained to Isa.

“I think from my visit and other things he’s seen, he knows maybe he’s not having a good contest and he can change it, that he’s on time. left this week. I was going to surprise him, on Tuesday I also thought I was going to see Asraf and if you have a problem with this, who you should talk to is the organization and it’s not up to me that I don’t do the topo,” Isa told him.

“I have no problem, but let me tell you something. Just as you defend your boyfriend, allow me, as a mother, to defend my childrenthat I have two,” Raquel refuted.

“And you think I won’t let you?” I’m just responding to what you’re accusing me of,” he asked. “Stop the word accuse, harass, stop those kind of words. All the reproaches and explanations went to them, I say they must have done something right. But I didn’t see you scolding Asraf, only your cousin, with whom, You are not going to destabilize Asraf, Manuel, yes“, insisted the mother.

The tension is evident between the two and it doesn’t look like they’re going to reach a deal any time soon. For Raquel, her son is having a good competition, and for Isa, it’s just the opposite.

In this duel, it seems that the public clearly knows which side to position themselves on.

stepmother vs stepdaughter

It wasn’t the only tense encounter for Raquel Bollo. “The Kremlin and the Giralda disguise themselves. Rachel, it’s here. Katherinesaid Jorge Javier to make way for this reunion of the supposed mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The Russian contestant greeted the presenter and sat down after receiving relevant compliments. After, Jorge Javier Vazquez he encouraged her to share the order she had received and she turned to Raquel.

La Bollo imitated her, saluting her in gymnastic mode and rose to hug her. “I want to tell you that your children love you very much, your children are very strong, they miss you very much and they told me that please, when I see you, I give you a hug and you say that They have the strength to continue and they are doing very well“, he transmitted from Manuel and Alma.

After this good atmosphere, it was time to see the images in which Raquel spoke about her and her relationship with Manuel. “Raquel Bollo, very enthusiastic, very enthusiastic about you, she is not“, warned Jorge Javier.

Katerina could see how much her possible stepmother didn’t like that she didn’t hesitate to define her as a fake, treacherous and self-interested girl. “He didn’t know me, I’m not mean“, defends Kat, “I believe that in this life you have to give people a second chance. The criticisms that a person makes about me without knowing me, I do not take them seriously.

Jorge Javier told him that Raquel was mean. We will see if this relationship can improve now that they will have the opportunity to meet.

What is clear is that the Bollo clan gives a lot to say.

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