Llanos River He gave surprising news to his followers. He streamer and the content creator had to enter the hospital to undergo surgery. Although he was only hospitalized for a few hours, the news was shocking.

A few hours earlier, the Basque presented an event, he disaster leader, broadcast on his Twitch channel last night. Shortly after, Llanos released a video from his hospital bed recounting what happened: “Get me out of here.”

Ibai Llanos: “I’m like a total bull”

“Nothing, chavaeles.I have to do a lumbar puncture“, announced the streamer through their social networks. Emphasizing that the hospitalization lasted only a few hours. “If you’ve ever had a lumbar puncture, they need to measure your pressure, but that’s it,” he concluded.

Ibai Llanos from the hospital / instagram

It’s a test with a needle that is carried out in the lower part of the back, between two lumbar bones, to collect cerebrospinal fluid samples. It is done to diagnose certain medical conditions.

“I told them, ‘I’m leaving at noon,'” he explained. “Get me out of here,” Ibai shouted with a serious expression in his video.

Only a few hours later, the youtuber had increased more stories on his Instagram account updating his followers on how he was doing. “I’m like a total bull”he assured in front of his camera.

“They admitted me this morning and in four or five hours and we’re already there,” he said. Although he claimed to feel fine after the lumbar puncture, Llanos said it was a “bit strange” experience: “There was a time when I was curdled”.

Dedicated to his training

Just days before his hospital admission, Ibai Llanos shared another video on his social media for his followers in which he detailed a little how was his physical development since training: “I’ve been in total bull mode.”

The streamer explained that he had decided to devote himself to one of the sports activities that he is most passionate about: football. “For that I train every day in addition to playing a game every Wednesday,” he added.

The truth is that I’m very happy, like I’m 15 again. I’m on the best diet I’ve ever had. I feel very balanced with a calorie deficit”, continued the Basque. “Congratulations to all that can be achieved, I am in the fight and I feel strong”, he concluded with a message of encouragement to all his followers.

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