this week in love is forever one of the protagonists will suffer one of the hardest blows in life and from there drastic decisions will be made in the story.

Moreover, the neighbors of the Plaza de los Frutos they’ll relive some of their worst nightmares, they’ll face their past, they’ll hear different opinions about a romance, and they’ll go down the wrong paths.

We tell you in more detail about what’s to come to the hit series Antena 3 which airs Monday through Friday, from 4.30 p.m.:

Chapter of Monday April 17

Jesús has returned to the police academy and everything seems to have calmed down, but Luján begins to fear for his life after warnings from Seville. Quintero and Cristina are about to reunite following the disappearance of Marcial Costa.

Benigna puts his sentimental future in the hands of a tarologist. Rocío returns to the pharmacy, but the relationship with Hugo continues to be strained. Andrea receives a tempting job offer of great magnitude, but discovers that it is thanks to Alberto’s mediation.

Chapter of Tuesday April 18

Nieves tries to convince his daughter to take advantage of the opportunity Alberto gave her. Benigna continues his tireless search for love. The problems grow in the pharmacy and a stranger appears that Hugo confuses, not suspecting who he is.

Benigna gives Manolita the key to enjoying the products before they expire. Pelayo painstakingly pays for the extra effort he puts in at the bar. Jorge makes peace with Turbinas and Carballo rejects Concha’s attempt to start a family.

Cristina and Quintero begin to regain their friendship, as they once again have to face each other in a case. Jorge comes up against his most painful past. Luján receives a bitter call from Jesus… The last one.

Chapter of Wednesday April 19

Pelayo needs to rest due to his sciatica. Andrea agrees to make the uniforms of the Continental hotels and signs without examining them certain documents of the company that Alberto has created for her.

Nieves is reluctant to donate expired products to charity. Hugo listens to the electrician who solves the electrical problem at the pharmacy. Benigna’s friends try to do something to suppress his obsession with finding love in his environment, but they fail.

Jesús, Luján’s son, appears hanged in his room. Cristina doubts Alberto’s version of Marcial: that he took money from the company.

Chapter of Thursday April 20

Andrea finds out that Alberto cheated on her with the contract. That’s a lot more money than he told you. Consequences after the death of Jesus. Luján is sure that he did not commit suicide, but that he was killed. Carballo blames Luján for his son’s death.

Carballo agrees to take the case of Lucía Carrera. Maribel has to improvise in the tortilla contest and Ciriaco fears the worst. Some letters appear in Marcial’s locker from a supposed lover. Cristina begins to doubt the version Elena gave her of her disappearance.

Benigna remains withered and receives a bouquet of flowers from a stranger. He mistakenly thinks it’s his friends’ thing. Sabino, the electrician, admits to being Hugo’s father.

Chapter of Friday April 21

Seville lies to Luján about the death of Jesus. Alberto discovers the reasons that led Ricardo to Miami. Marcelino remains oblivious to Vicente’s tricks. Carballo discovers that the letters Lucía receives are written by Jorge.

Sabino asks Rocío to believe him and not tell Hugo yet. Pelayo finds out that Maribel didn’t use her recipe for the tortillas. Nieves begins to think about the idea of ​​divorce. Benigna has an appointment with the mysterious client and Visi begins to doubt.

Alberto earns points in front of Quintero by convincing the secretary to withdraw the complaint against Elena. Andrea is against a rock and an anvil because of Alberto’s scams.

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