Senator Morenista condemned complaint against Sheinbaum by party members (@RicardoMonrealA)

“Yo I disagree with the complaint against Claudia Sheinbaum“, were the words of the senator and candidate for the presidential candidacy for Morena, Ricardo Montreal Wednesday afternoon in the Senate.

Since March 1, lawmakers tied to Marcelo EbrardHead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ERS) and also a presidential candidate, filed a complaint for alleged misuse of party resources in favor of the head of government of the capital.

This, however, was considered by the legislator chairman of the Policy Coordinating Council (Jucopo) in the Chamber of Senators, as something worrying, for which he called on the members of his party to settle rules in the process and a meeting will be held between the candidates for the candidacy or ‘caps‘.

“I urge everyone to stay calm. I believe we need to work out our differences, the processes, yes, the clear rules of the game”

In front of the media, Senator Morenist called for common sense and caution on the part of the teams of applicants “and it is not by being advanced in the process that we must cut ourselves off (sic.) and act accordingly “. cannibalistic way against each other,” he said.

The senator close to Marcelo Ebrard filed a protest against what is happening inside Morena (Twitter/@MaluMicher)
The senator close to Marcelo Ebrard filed a protest against what is happening inside Morena (Twitter/@MaluMicher)

“Comrade Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government, deserves all our respect and gratitude. As well as Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard,” he said.

He mentioned that he will formally propose that a meeting be held between the candidates to establish the rules of the pre-candidate competition, since this class of actions (the complaint presented), as he asserted, is due to the absence of rules and agreements in the feast of cherries.

He suggested that the meeting take place between the “corcholatas”, governors belonging to Morena, with the National Committee of the Party and the president of the council to make decisions and that there are no more confrontations.

“I am calling for us to meet very soon”

“I do not agree with the complaint against Claudia Sheinbaum. I send all my good vibes so that this let’s settle in another context and not in court and not with public denunciations that hurt each other,” he said.

The aforementioned complaint, which was the seed of the discord, was presented by the senator Martha Lucia Micher Camarena, federal deputy Emmanuel Reyes and Carlos Palacios before the National Commission for Honesty and Justice (CNHJ).


According to a video shared by the senator, the reason was that she was use officials, supports and social programs to promote the image of the head of government for his candidacy for the presidency.

Carlos Palacios stressed that it was important that the complaint be lodged and resolved first within the chilling party itself: “We must first resolve these types of problems within the movement, as activists, with the respect we all deserve.

They also accused the newspaper Regenerationused to publicize the actions carried out by the party, was used for the dissemination of propaganda from Mexico City to the rest of the entities of the country.

It should be noted that these legislators expressed their support for the Chancellor through social networks and have been called “ébradoristes”.

Sheinbaum Brown and Ebrard Casaubon, dominate preferences to be their party’s presidential candidates. Sheinbaum is in first place, followed by Marcelo Ebbrard then Adam Augusto Lopez Third, according to Power Presidential Rankingdone by Polls.

While Morneal Ávila is ranked number eight below several opponents of the PAN such as Lilly Téllez (4th place), Ricardo Anaya (5th) and Santiago Creel (7th).

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