Several polls give the current governor, Greg Abbott, an advantage over his Democratic rival, Beto O’Rourke; the elections will be next November 8 and the numbers do not stop moving

With less than 50 days to go until the Texas gubernatorial election, incumbent Greg Abbott leads Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke by eight points, a new poll from Emerson College Polling/The Hill reveals.

The results released Tuesday show that 50 percent of Texas voters said they supported the Republican, while 42 percent favored O’Rourke.

There are 5 percent of voters who are undecided, and 2 percent have endorsed Libertarian Mark Tippetts.

This exercise also showed that 63 percent of voters expect Abbott to win reelection on November 8, while 37 percent would like to see O’Rourke as governor.

Additionally, 55 percent of voters say they have a favorable opinion of Abbott, while 43 percent say they have a negative opinion of him. Regarding O’Rourk, 44 percent responded that he has a favorable opinion and 52 percent have a negative opinion of the Democrat.

A few months ago, ahead of the Texas primary in March, Emerson College/The Hill released another poll on the state governor’s race, and at the time, Abbott led O’Rourke 52 percent to 45 percent. hundred.

The one from Emerson College/The Hill is not the only poll that gives the Republican an advantage.

The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler released a poll Monday showing 47 percent support for Abbott and 38 percent for the Democrat.

In addition, Abbott leads O’Rourke by 8 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

Both contenders will debate on Friday for the first and only time. So far, according to the polls, it appears that Abbott is in a safe position heading into the next statewide election.

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