This is another of the crazy things the community has done with the Epic Games Engine.

I don’t know if you have a very keen eye on what the developer community is capable of creating with Unreal Engine 5, but some demos created with Unreal Engine 5 are starting to see the light of day. epic games they leave me completely frozen. And it is that if a few days ago my friend Claudio shared with all of you and you a related topic with the Jurassic Park franchiseIn this article I want to talk about another very special one.

The thing is, portal companions Gamer on PC they are echoing a demo that attempts to recreate what Tokyo would look like with an anime aesthetic. Then I leave you with all the details you need to know about it so you don’t miss anything. Let’s bother

I love this animated version of Tokyo made with Unreal Engine 5

  • The demo is created by Yan Ru and shared via ArtStation
  • You can download it for free to try it on PC via this link
  • He has several blocks in the Shibuya district recreated with an anime aesthetic
  • The demo will be available shortly via Steam, but its approximate date is unknown
  • Don’t expect anything can be done in this demo beyond exploring the areas that are available in it; although it is expected thatThis lively Tokyo aesthetic will grow over time through different updates
  • Afterwards, I leave you with the video itself that the creator of this demo posted a YouTube so you can see it with your own eyes

What do you think of this demo created with Unreal Engine 5? I’ll be watching for anything else that comes up from here on out so I can share it with you and you and keep you freaked out like I did when I saw this one.

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