Twenty years after the start of A play fans still don’t know what the treasure itself is (although there are some very good theories on this subject). Eiichiro Oda didn’t seem to be in a rush to tell the story of Luffy and company, but the situation took a turn as soon as it was confirmed that after the Wano arc the series would enter its saga finale. even now manga We find it in the first arc of the said saga, and there are a lot of interesting things happening that generate high expectations.

With the Straw Hat crew at Egghead facing off against CP0, the great powers of the New World turn on each other to advance their plans to get One Piece. How is the race to get the big treasure going right now and after what happened in manga chapter 1081? Let’s see.

The pirates best placed to find the One Piece

8º Eustache Kid

  • Currently Kid has 0 Poneglyphs

Kid managed to defeat Big Mom with the help of Law and Killer, and as a resultWe managed to get our hands on copies of both Road Poneglyphs that she and Kaido had. This would have positioned him much better in the race for One Piece, but things changed after his subsequent fight against Shanks. Right now this pirate has “lost everything” and is back to where he started

7º Stroller

small cart
  • To our knowledge, Buggy has 0 road poneglyphs

Buggy the Clown is a very recurring character in One Piece and somehow he always ends up becoming more and more popular. As of today there is no record of him possessing one of the guiding stonesdespite having traveled with Roger for many years, he knows the exact location of each of them. Nevertheless at least I could find Zou easily.

6th Great Mom | Kaido

  • Big Mom Posee 1 Road Poneglyph
  • Kaido poses 0 Road Poneglyphs

Although he lost his battle against the Mink-Pirate-Samurai Alliance, one of the roadside poneglyphs is still in the possession of the Big Mom Piratesand the other is still in Onigashima, so If the two Yonkou go back to their old ways in the future, they won’t be starting from scratch.. They would have at least one of the guiding stones.

5º Hinokizu

  • Rumor has it that Hinokizu has 1 Road Poneglyph

Hinokizu is a very mysterious character and almost nothing is known about him. However, Blackbeard and Kid commented that there is a rumor that this person has a road poneglyph in his possessionbut no one has ever been able to verify it.

The fans think that this guy could be Monkey D. Dragon due to his scars, black ship, and whirlwind power, although it has yet to be finalized.

4º Trafalgar D.Law

  • The exact number of Road Poneglyphs Law has is currently unknown.

In Chapter 1081, Law lost resoundingly to the Blackbeard Pirates, but we weren’t shown where the copies of the Road Poneglyph the Supernova had (maybe he still has them). At least we know that Trafalgar had Kaido’s RP and he saw with his own eyes the one found in Zou, so it is likely that he also has a copy. Nevertheless, if Law still has the documents, he should have 2/4 pins.

3. Blackbeard

black beard
  • At this time we don’t know how many road poneglyphs Blackbeard has

Teach wants to get One Piece so he can get all the power and authority that the title of Pirate King would bring, so he’s also looking for the big treasure. even now we don’t know if there is a road poneglyphbut the most likely thing is that after defeating Law he ripped off the copies he had. If confirmed, Blackbeard would have 2/4 stones.

2nd Luffy

One Piece Luffy
  • Luffy has three copies of 3 Road Poneglyph.

The protagonist of this story has three of the four Road Poneglyphs needed to find the location of Laugh Tale, making him one of the top pirates in the race for One Piece. Currently It has Zou’s stones and the ones Big Mom and Kaido had. Only he would miss that of Hinokizu, which according to the theories would be in Elbaf.

1º Hocks

One piece rods
  • Shanks has 2 Road Poneglyphs in his possession and knows the location of the others

Shanks the redhead is the best placed person in the race for One Piece. Deciding to get the great treasure at the end of the Onigashima War, this Yonko defeated Kid and stole two copies of the Road Poneglyph from him on Elbaf. And what was he doing on the Isle of Giants? Well, maybe take the guide stone that might be there. if it’s already true he would have 3/4 and he would only have to visit Zou (a place you have been before).

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