Hugo Silva arrived this Tuesday evening at the anthill to present a new series: headless chickens. A series about behind the scenes of football in which he brings to life a character created especially for him, which happened to him for the second time in his entire career.

And as always with him, it didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, a politician who associates himself with Vox Santander on his Twitter profile, martin ruiz, charged against its aesthetics in the program. It seems he didn’t like the style he chose to visit Pablo Motos.

“I just saw the good Hugo Silva at @El_Hormiguero. Is it really necessary, essential, to go without your hair, with a beach shirt and like someone who wakes up from a hangover, to the programs of TV ? Is it a more “progressive” bet on sloppiness and aesthetic ugliness? Ah!” he wrote in his tweet.

The actor didn’t hesitate to answer, even if he was concise in his answer: “Yes”. And added a little information, His shirt is from Rufina Ó, for memory. That it’s not the first shirt he’s taken out of the closet, but the one chosen for the occasion.

deluge of criticism

And he wasn’t the only one as many users on the platform lambasted his comment on the actor’s outfit. Mr. Ruiz was surely unaware of what he was going to spoil with his comment. After seeing what happened to him He had to qualify his remarks, even if it was surely too late because the criticisms did not stop.

“I wasn’t making that comment to offend Silva, far from it. He invited to reflect on this way of being negligent. But here, many people think only of attacking and insulting, with or without an excuse. Too bad, ”he said before the return messages he received.

I’m sure the next time he criticizes an actor as beloved as Hugo Silva, he’ll think twice because he received nothing but hate on Twitter.

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