Riot permanently bans a professional for insulting a content creator

Riot permanently bans a professional for insulting a content creator

Toxicity is one of the great scourges of the competitive video game community. Often players are obsessed with winning and when they don’t, for whatever reason, they tend to insult and make fun of their teammates.

And against this the developers are mobilizing, fortunately. Sometimes you tend to think it’s too slow, but the companies that make the games react to this type of situation. In this case, Riot banned a professional player from playing because of these statements.

“Marcus shakes his head very strangely”

This sentence was the trigger for the fight, since Krea6on, the player commenting on this, was on the same team as the streamer. Marcus, hearing her, asked, “So you’re kidding me?” Do you make fun of someone’s disabilities?

From MARCA, we cannot confirm what type of disability the streamer has, but of course the answer is not acceptable. The player, in addition to not asking for forgiveness, devotes himself to hesitating the content creator, after which he must mute him.

Riot and VALORANT East decided to ban the player, setting a clear course of action against toxicity. Among those who should have the best behavior, the professionals of the game themselves, and who are sometimes those who generate the most problems.

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