If true, it would come down to far and away one of the most iconic shooter sagas of all time.

Right now, if you realize that there are a lot of rumors about plans for Konami but very few are confirmed. A new Castlevania, And Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake, and now a new cons. Do you remember this iconic saga born in the days of the NES? The last installment was Cons: Rogue Corps in 2019, so it wasn’t that long since it was released, but let’s just say its quality wasn’t up to the show’s standards.

Many want this franchise back to what it once was, but with the quality of today’s games. Well, now, as I mentioned before, in addition to all the supposed games from before, there is also talk of a new Contra. While all of these are currently in development, it is certainly clear that Konami it is to put the batteries compared to the last years.

A new Contra on the way?

This happened Reddit where they echoed some clues they found in the resume of an apparent former employee:

  • This employee, according to his CV in LinkedIn, belonged to Go forward (from 2020 to 2021) which developed Contra 4
  • According to the resume, he worked in a game that belongs to a historical shooting saga and worked on gameplay, characters and others
  • Later he mentions that the game has not been announced but it mixes Run & Gun, Top Down Shooter, Shmup and Rail Gun genres
  • And that’s when the whole community agreed to think that perfectly seems like a new Contra

Of course, this remains a rumor and above all a hypothesis. But if it’s true, I don’t think so Konami wait much longer to reveal it. What do you think? Would you be excited about a new Contra?

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