News related to the fire monopolizes the media these days. After the devastating fires of Castellon and Asturias, and while we are still in the middle of spring, many fear that we are facing one of the most tragic summers yet.

It is time to act in the face of a very serious problem: in just three months they have burned down in Spain 43,000 hectares. And the severe drought suffered by most of the country does not invite optimism: since the beginning of 2023, it has barely rained and temperatures have been abnormally high, which increases the risk of fires.

The LOS40 Eco wants to do its part in a battle that concerns us all. For this reason, over the next two months you will find on our website a large number of reports related to fire prevention and protecting our forests. This is the second territory on which El Eco de LOS40 focuses, after two months dedicated to pollution.

One shirt, one cause

The Catalan singer Nil Moliner will be in charge of officially inaugurating this new stage of El Eco de LOS40. He will do so during his performance in LOS40 Primavera Pop, in which this cause will have a very special role. During the concert, he will convey to his fans a message that he fully shares with El Eco of LOS40: taking care of our forests concerns us all. A cause to which many other artists will join.

The new territory of LOS40 will be accompanied by a very special symbolic action. We have made a T-shirt with a phrase that we want to accompany us throughout the next two months: “When the fire burns, let it not be our forests. When the fire burns, let it be our hearts.”

It’s not just an inspirational phrase. The ink used for its preparation was made with royal ash of the recent Montanejos fire in Castellón. News that has upset us and that we want to serve as motivation to avoid new forest fires. At El Eco de LOS40 we want to work for a better world. Are you joining?

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