Jeremy Bittner returned to court on Thursday morning and the judge imposed new charges on him, including sexual assault on a physically disabled person, voyeurism and forcible confinement.

The events happened at The Waverly luxury condominium in South Beach, locals are not surprised by the accusations.

The alleged victim, who suffers from a physical disability, denounces that the accused raped her twice. A first time, on November 22, and another recently, on February 7 of this year.

The victim reported what happened to police on Wednesday after seeing reports that the man had been arrested.

The woman told detectives that the first time she was at the man’s residence she was spending time strictly as a friend, but after drinking a glass of Bittner’s water, the man mistreated.

Although the woman attempted to escape, she was unsuccessful due to difficulty walking.

The arrest report indicates that this last victim decided to move to put this episode behind her, but the day she was packing her things, the man came to her house, and after refusing to have relations sexual encounters with the subject, he spat on her, pulled her hair, and ultimately abused her.

The victim claimed that he did not know what Bittner gave him to drink, but that his body and memory were affected after the incident.

“Everyone in the building knew he was very weird, he was always with different women,” says a neighbor.

Bittner was initially arrested on Monday, facing multiple charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and possession of a controlled substance.

Police say the 41-year-old drugged and raped three other victims. The women who first reported it were 25, 34 and 47 years old.

The defendant is still being held in TGK prison on bail of over $1 million for the new charges, and he will have to stay away from all these women.

Police believe there could be even more victims, so they are asking for the community’s help in finding other possible victims.

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