Despite the unification of Survivors 2023, Gala 8 had some surprises. Neither in the expulsion nor in the nominees, nor in the leader of the night. It is clear that over the weeks, he reality may not have as much impact as in the beginning, while plots are still being built and alliances are forged. But yesterday was a rather bland program and with which I almost fell asleep more than once. Want to know what happened at Gala 8 de Survivientes 2023? Read carefully this summary in which I explain the most important of the evening.

The meeting between Raquel Bollo and Katerina (and the reunion with Isa Pantoja)

On the one hand, raquel bun met in person Katerina Safarovawho can become your new when Manuel Cortes back to Spain. The first to speak was the young woman, who moved Rachel with his words:I want to tell you that your children love you very much, that they are very strong. They told me that when I see you I give you a hug and that they have the strength to continue“. He also clarified that Manuel had invited him to go to Seville to get to know each other little by little: “I love it, loved meeting him and how sincere he is“. This, yes, Raquel is not very happy with this relationship, as she has said throughout Survivors 2023″.

Isa Pantoja and Raquel Bollo, tense reunion in Survivors 2023

More tense were the reunions between A Pantoja there raquel bun: Isa came back from Honduras after seeing Asraf Benobut also to Manuel Cortes there soul bread. Yes Rachel He reproached him:I don’t like something outside to throw them off balance“, specified the mother of the family, noting that the visit of Isa Pantoja did not suit them.

Unification of Survivors 2023

The most anticipated moment was unification of survivors 2023: candidates who continue to be part of the reality They saw each other again and now they will all live together on Pelicano beach.

It was the unification of Survivors 2023
It was the unification of Survivors 2023

Arelys, eliminated from the Gala 8 Survivors 2023

Arelysmother of Yulen Pereirabecomes the new eliminated from Survivors 2023; after his son’s visit last Sunday, the woman goes to the beach of Los Olvidados, where she will face Artùr and Jaime Nava not to be definitively expelled. Of course, they became two “black widows” by chasing everyone who came to their piece of land.

Nominees for the Gala 8 Survivors 2023: Adara, Asraf, Ginés and Yaiza
Nominees for the Gala 8 Survivors 2023: Adara, Asraf, Ginés and Yaiza

Leader and nominees of the Gala 8 de Survivientes 2023

After Adara Molinero’s anger at being nominated again by her peers, the list of nominees for Gala 8 de Survivientes 2023 looks like this: Adara, Asraf, Ginés and Yaiza, two complete “couples”, will face each other this week not to be eliminated during the gala on Thursday, April 27th. Who has all the ballots to leave? Yaiza, at least from what happened this week.

Raquel Arias and Bosco become leaders of the weekso they couldn’t be nominated no matter how badly others wanted them (which they don’t).

This Sunday, a new Survivors program: Conexión Honduras, and on Thursday, April 27, 2023, the Gala 9 de Survivientes 2023.

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