wonderful disaster opens this April 14 in theaters, and with it, the opportunity to see on the big screen the adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Jamie McGuire. Con Virginia Gardner there Dylan Sprouse —yes, our Zack Martin from Hotel dulce hotel—, is a pretty guilty pleasure even for those not so familiar with the genre.

The story brings together two people who seem opposite, but who have much more in common than they both imagine: she is a professional poker prodigy since childhood, and he, a wrestler who fights for the ‘university. Fate brings them together although they will insist on parting ways. Does the urge to do things right or fight adversity win out?

If you’re still thinking about going to see what promises to be this spring’s romantic comedy, We give you 5 reasons why you can’t miss it. I’m sure you won’t regret it, because once you fell into the world of wonderful disasterit will be very difficult for you not to be able to think of the fashionable couple:

1. A casting to bet on

In Wonderful Disaster we see a lot of poker and fighting, although we have to bet we stick with its cast. The secondaries couldn’t be more into their respective roles, not to mention the depth that other actors and actresses create with just a few lines of text. Of course, a special mention must be made…


If readers had ever imagined Travis Maddox and Abby Abernathy in the flesh, they certainly wouldn’t be far from Dylan Sprouse there Virginia Gardner. Regardless of their performance – of course, they’re more than prodigious – the two performers achieve a chemistry that’s hardest to create in a plot like this story.

3. A twist

Yes, there are people who are fed up with encounters between girls and boys… But here it’s different. Abby meets Travis, but it’s clear that their respective times in life aren’t allowing them to achieve the happiness they both deserve. And it is that love is not the most important thing in Wonderful Disaster: the things of life are very present, ending with the most exciting moments at certain points in the sequence.

#TRABBY having a moment… Yours. / Diamond films

4. Love… And sex

Even so, it should not be forgotten that romantic love is the central axis of the argument, as well as sex. Travis and Abby are college kids and their hormones are as raging as their lives. Without giving away too many spoilers, we’ll just say that sparks are flying on the movie screen.

5. Will it continue…?

The author of the novel from which the film is based has returned to his story to write a sequel, and it would not be strange to think that the story of gu He could have more cinema tours. While it depends on how audiences take it, there’s no denying that this spring’s most unlikely couple have every intention of staying on the big screen.

wonderful disaster opens April 14 in theaters.

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