Every memory, experience and unforgettable moment deserves a song. Memory after memory, song after song, the soundtrack of your life is created. And it is that the sensations that cannot be described with words are sometimes easier to explain with melodies. We know that better than anyone!

For each of your memories and experiences with the LOS40 MyCard to have a song, We have created a very special playlist for you. And it is that the collaboration of the moment had to have its own soundtrack.

In this wayla Tarjeta LOS40 MyCard trae te MyPlaylist by LOS40 MyCard: a playlist that will be updated monthly so you can discover new songs, enjoy some of the latest songs, and create your own soundtrack for the amazing experiences you’re about to have in the months to come. Because this is just the beginning. You can enjoy the playlist on major streaming platforms.

About MyCard LOS40*

Concerts, unique shows and access to the VIP sites of the most important musical events of the year. Everything is at your fingertips with the new MyCard LOS40.

The LOS40 MyCard gives you access to exclusive raffles, VIP passes with Meet&Greet, backstage tours and the chance to win merchandise from your favorite artists. A way for you to discover music from the inside.

But the LOS40 MyCard does not only have these advantages. Quite the contrary! Thanks to it, you can control all your movements, comfortably manage your purchases and see how your month is going at a glance. In addition, the card is 100% recyclable.

That you don’t have it yet? Don’t worry! You can request it now from the imagin app and discover all the details of the card here

About Imagine

*imagin, trademark of imaginesGen, SA, agent of CaixaBank, SA CaixaBank, SA, markets the products of the hybrid payment entity CAIXABANK PAYMENTS & CONSUMER, EFC, EP, SAU, (CPC), with CIF A-08980153 and registered in the Official Registry Entity Registry of the Bank of Spain with the code 8776 and entity that offers the LOS40 MyCard credit card. The funds protection system for customers who use the payment services chosen by CPC is the deposit in a separate account opened at CaixaBank. The granting of the credit card is subject to the analysis of the solvency and repayment capacity of the applicant, based on the risk policies of the CPC entity. NRI: 21796-2022-17317

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