There is no doubt that over the past five years, Aitana has established herself as one of the most important names in the domestic music industry.. Our private princess of pop has grown steadily over time, proving to be quite professional and delivering performances at the level of major international stars.

Less than two weeks ago, he began his third musical era, Alphawith the release of Angelsonly this morning managed to debut in Spotify’s Global Top 200 with over 1 million views worldwide, also staying in the top 3 domestically and brushing the second place with his fingertips, behind KISS there THQ.

All this on a day that marks the fourth anniversary of the start of his first solo concerts by Los40 Stage. with performances in which, in four Spanish cities, the Catalan singer presented in acoustic format the songs that were part of Trailerthe first EP which will pave the way for the arrival of disclosehis first record.

Little remains of this artist who visited Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao between April 9 and 12: two albums, dozens of singles and several tours in Spain filling the Palau Sant Jordi and the Wizink Center, in addition to his stay in Latin America with the 11 Reasons More tourmake it the voice of a whole generation of young and old who discovered it in Operation Triumph 2017 and since then, they have not ceased to accompany him.

Tony Aguilar, how could it be otherwise, was the emcee of a more intimate concert, where the singer’s fans were able to appreciate the naturalness and closeness that the artist has never lost. Much has changed since then, but the essence of the artist remains. Aitana has evolved and matured, exploring new sounds and searching for her own voice with every project and song that comes her way, always giving her best.

And you, do you remember this performance of Aitana at the Los40 Stage? Do you always accompany him like us on his way?

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