Lily Gaothe actress who gives the floor to There is Wong in the Resident Evil 4 remake, he responded to the online criticism and harassment he has experienced since the game’s release.

We recently reported on the “review bombing” the game was subjected to, for which Gao deleted his Instagram, but now he has counterattacked on that same social media account with the following statement:

“Being the first Asian actress to play Ada in the Resident Evil video games is an honor, and I will always be grateful to our producer and director for making the decision for authentic portrayal. It’s a shame that with the release out of the game came that familiar ‘I don’t belong here’ feeling.While some criticism is to be expected, this isn’t the first time an actor of color has been racially and gender harassed simply for participating. Inauthentic casting calls perpetuate an unhealthy image which further dehumanizes the community they claim to reflect It’s time we stop capitalizing solely on the sexualized, eroticized and mysterious Asian woman, and make room to honor all kinds of Asian women. My Ada is a survivor. She’s kind, fair, smart, and funny. She’s unpredictable, resilient, and not a stereotype at all.”

It seems Gao is resisting the waves of intimidation heading her way. It should be noted that although there are loud people who continue to persecute Gao, many fans have shown their wholehearted support for him after these heinous practices were exposed.

What do you think of this situation that the actress of Resident Evil 4 Remake is facing?

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