The 12-year-old boy who escaped from a home for minors who, together with a 14-year-old girl, shot several times this Tuesday at the police who were looking for them in the center of Florida will spend 21 days in detention, as ordered by a judge this Thursday.

Travis O’Brien appeared for the first time in court after the events that he starred in the town of Enterprise with Nicole Jackson, who was shot and wounded by the police and is in stable condition in a hospital.

The WKMG channel broadcast the video of the hearing in which the boy is seen very serious and quiet while the judge speaks.

The judge ruled that O’Brien, who police have accused of shooting officers from the house where he and Jackson fled, be detained for 21 days in a juvenile hall before deciding whether to incriminate him. for attempted murder.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said Wednesday that in 35 years as a law enforcement officer he saw nothing like the shooting unleashed by the two minors against the agents who were looking for them to return them home and for O’Brien, who is diabetic, to take medication that he did not take with him from home.

In Chitwood’s view, if it were not for the professionalism of the officers in his office, someone would have died in the incident. “They had no choice but to shoot,” he said.

According to the bailiff, the agents, who are on paid administrative leave while what happened is being investigated, did not respond to the fire from the house for an hour and a half.

The minors had broken a window of the house to enter and found several weapons and ammunition inside, including an AK-47 assault rifle, which they used against the agents who were trying from outside to convince them to surrender.

At one point, the girl left the house pointing a rifle at the officers and that was when they shot her and fell injured, according to the sheriff’s version.

The Chitwood office released this Wednesday the video taken by the body camera of an agent who is sheltered behind a tree and communicating with his superiors, while the flashes of the shots are heard and seen from the house.

The shouts of the police officers exhorting the children to lay down their arms are also heard.

The images in the video, which has been viewed almost 40,000 times, become dimmer when it gets dark but can be seen when the girl falls injured and her crying and answers to questions from the police can be heard.

The sheriff said that something “is wrong” in society when children shoot at police in this way.

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