With an image of sleeping from the bathtub, Kylie made the announcement of the opening of Kylie Baby, a new division of her cosmetic company, which seeks to pamper, hydrate and care for children’s skin, all inspired by her own daughter.

Although there is not much information about Kylie’s new line yet, the account she mentioned in the photo where her daughter appears from the bathtub, is a verified account, which implies that it is just a matter of waiting for the big launch.

As reported by some US media such as Page Six, this new company of Kylie Jenner will aim to create products for the care of the skin of the smallest such as moisturizers, lotions, body oils and bath gel.

But in addition, it will have a division focused on the design of baby carriages, cribs, bags for diapers, bottles and clothing. This is clear from the forms that the celebrity herself had to fill out to register the trademark, in which she had to detail exactly what she wanted to own the name for.

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