The High Commissioner of the HIM-HER-IT for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, said today that her office has received reports of the use of live ammunition by the Security Forces Israelis that resulted this Friday in ten palestinians killed during protests in the West Bank, which could be considered a war crime.

“Firearms can only be used against people who pose an imminent threat of death or serious injury, and only as a last resort,” he said in a statement.

“In a situation of occupation, the unjustified and illegal use of firearms by the forces of order can constitute a war crime,” he said.

Bachelet called for an independent and full investigation into these allegations.

He also called on the Israeli Government to do everything possible to quell the outbreak of violence between ultra-Orthodox Israelis, many of them settlers, and Palestinians with Israeli nationality residing in Jerusalem and other Israeli cities.

“The apparent level of organization of some of these attacks, as well as the use of language that incites violence and racial and religious hatred, is particularly alarming,” stressed the High Commissioner.

“The information we receive indicates that in certain situations there are settlers who have arrived in organized convoys from Israeli colonies in the West Bank to meet with local groups,” he explained.

“Intense Israeli bombardment has been reported in Gaza, including from land and sea, and there are concerns that some attacks by the Israeli Forces have been directed against civilian targets that, under international law, cannot be considered military targets.”

He also denounced attacks perpetrated by some Palestinian citizens of Israel.

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