The ceasefire in the Gaza Strip that will allow two million Palestinians to sleep at night “is not sufficient“, said Riad Al-Malki, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the National Authority Palestine.

The diplomat noted that the world must address the difficult issues of the future of Jerusalem and the achievement of an independent Palestinian state.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly due to the conflict between Israel and the Islamist insurgent group that rules the Gaza Strip, Hamas, the top Palestinian diplomat acknowledged that although the truce is a good thing, does not address “the fundamental problem that originated the violence.

This is Jerusalem, he added, pointing to the “desecration”By Israeli soldiers and settlers from the Mosque of Al-Aqsa, the third holiest site in Islam, and the eviction of Palestinians from their homes in different neighborhoods of the city, including Sheikh Jar.

Israel captured East Jerusalem, along with West bank and Gaza – lands that the Palestinians want for their future state – in the Six-Day War in 1967. Israel annexed the eastern part of Jerusalem in a move not recognized by the international community and considers the entire city its capital.

Palestinians see the area, where the main holy sites for Jews, Christians and Muslims are, as their capital. Their future is at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has sparked severe waves of violence in the past.

Al-Malki accused Israel of trying to erase the multicultural and multi-denominational character of the city and noted: “We oppose that, we reject it, and we will continue to work to prevent it from happening.

The normalization of relations between Israel and some Arab nations such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain does not eliminate questions about the future of Jerusalem and a Palestinian state, he added.

On the contrary, today we see that the issue of Palestine and the Palestinian issue, the issue of Jerusalem and the occupation of Jerusalem, is the most important for all Muslims and Arabs in the world alike.”Al-Malki stated.

We want the Palestinian people to be free and live in their own independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”He added.

The last direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians occurred in 2014. The Palestinians severed relations with the government of former US President Donald Trump in December 2017, when Washington recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

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