Damages recorded in the Gaza Strip for the current war escalation with Israel They are close to 250 million dollars, the Information Ministry of the enclave reported on Wednesday, coinciding with the tenth day of violence, which has already caused 219 Palestinian deaths and 12 in Israel.

The damages mentioned in the report are only those resulting from the Israeli bombings, which, according to that ministry, consisted of 1,615 air strikes since the beginning of the current exchange of fire on Monday of last week, a number much higher than that indicated by the Army Israeli.

According to the count of the Ministry of Information of Gaza, the losses amount to 243.8 million dollars for the damages caused in 1,174 totally destroyed and 7,073 damaged homes, among other things.

In addition, a total of 156 towers or residential buildings have been completely destroyed, 73 government offices bombed, 57 schools and medical centers have been damaged and 33 media offices destroyed.

The Ministry also detailed that more than 120 private cars had been destroyed, something that caused damage of 5.5 million dollars.

It also reported damage to mosques, specifying that eight were completely destroyed and several more were damaged, putting the losses at five million dollars.

The costs in the energy and communications sector would rise to 18.1 million dollars, while the damages in agricultural areas and farms would reach 22 million.

Finally, the damage recorded as a result of attacks against economic and commercial offices would amount to 27 million dollars.

These are just some of the figures released from the enclave on the magnitude of the damage caused, which extends to many other areas, beyond the economic losses.

After more than a week of almost incessant hostilities both from Gaza towards Israel and by the Israeli army against the enclave, more than 230 people have died.

219 are Palestinian victims in Gaza, of which, according to figures from the Ministry of Health, 63 were minors; while in Israel there are 12 deaths so far, including two minors.

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