Game News WoW Dragonflight: Blizzard wants to bring players back with this offer, enough to be ready for the next expansion!

With the release of the next World of Warcraft expansion approaching, Blizzard wants players to “jump back” into World of Warcraft. Evidenced by the offer published a few hours ago on the official website.

Free WoW Shadowlands, but not for everyone

In an article published last night on the official World of Warcraft site, Blizzard encourage the players at “dive back into WoW” through their new offer: until September 05, 2022players can get a free copy of the base edition of Shadowlands as well as a sesame. This allows them to propel one of their characters to level 50, to get up to date in the gameplay of the game while preparing for the release of the next expansion.

However, you will still have to meet certain conditions in order to benefit from this offer. Indeed, it is only reserved for a certain type of player: you must not have purchased Shadowlands while having an extension license associated with the account. More or lessyou must have purchased one of the previous extensions to meet the prerequisites: accounts without a previous expansion license associated with one of their World of Warcraft accounts or who already have Shadowlands on one of their accounts will not receive a free copy of Shadowlands.

A not so “free” offer

If Blizzard is often pinned by players for the offers it offers, the latter seems particularly well received. Some indicate that this can bring people back to the servers (estimated empty as the new expansion approaches), especially those coming from World of Warcraft Classic. Finally, another segment of players seems frustrated to be offered Shadowlands and a level 50 sesame without playing time. Yes, it should be remembered that World of Warcraft requires a monthly subscription to be able to play it: players eligible for this offer, except game time purchased on Classic, will have to spend their money if they really want to enjoy Shadowlands.

As mentioned above, such an offer allows eligible players to prepare for the release of Dragonflight. It is the next extension of World of Warcraft, and promises on certain points a new experience: the professions and the talent trees have been redesigned, while a new interface, more customizable than the old one, is expected. Regarding the story, the adventurers of Azeroth accompany the dragons to their motherhouse for one purpose: to help them regain their lost powers after the Cataclysm. A not so simple quest which should bring out its share of enemies, for the moment unknown: answer when Dragonflight is released, expected on PC and Mac this year.

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