Canada’s prime minister is seeking to come to Europe’s aid with the country exploring ways to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) directly to Europe from its east coast.

Speaking late on Monday August 22, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that: “We will do what we can” to contribute to the world’s energy supply by increasing capacities in the short term.

He went on to say: “Canada will also explore ways to see if it makes sense to export LNG and if there is a business case for exporting what is so badly needed directly to Europe…economic talks are underway between companies in Canada and Germany.”

Speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Montreal, Trudeau acknowledged the problems Europe is experiencing with gas supplies due to the war in Ukraine.

Europe, which has been dependent on Russian gas, has seen its supplies from the country reduced due to the dispute over the country’s invasion of Ukraine. That has led to countries across Europe needing and pledging to seek alternative suppliers as they seek to end their dependence on Russia.

Much of Europe is set to experience winter shortages unless supplies can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

The news that Canada is seeking to come to Europe’s aid could be the short-term fix Europe needs to increase supply and cut costs.

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