Moscow, Tehran and Baku signed a memorandum on facilitating the transit of goods, the Russian trade mission in Iran announced on Monday in a statement published on its Telegram channel.

“On August 22, a memorandum between Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan on the facilitation of transit transport was signed in Tehran. This document should contribute to the simplification and acceleration of customs procedures for foreign trade participants.”, says the statement.

Currently, the main land route for cargo transit from Iran to Russia passes through Azerbaijan. This is part of the so-called International North-South Transport Corridor, a 7,200-kilometer-long multimodal transit system that connects sea, rail and land routes for cargo transport between India, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia and Central Asia. and Europe.

Although the corridor existed in Soviet times, developing it further has taken on new importance in light of the fact that Western sanctions have forced Russia to shift its trade routes from Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

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