Fans are speculating about Valve’s next interesting moves regarding CS2. The latest rumors refer to the mobile version of the FPS. The endorsements make a pretty solid argument.

The storm around CS2 is not calming down. Beta testing continues and the internet is full of speculation about the game. Among them there are rumors of a possible porting of the new counter attack For mobile devices. Rumors don’t come out of nowhere. Your source is data from Source 2 engine fileswhich is the technological technology behind CS2.

source of rumors

The possibility of Valve’s online shooter appearing on phones was mentioned by user Aquaismissing on Twitter. He discovered that Source 2 can work with Android and iOS. Also, there are words like “mobile” in the code, which may further support this theory.

The reports were commented on by Valve insider Gabe Follower. In his tweet, he said that there is a lot of truth in the rumors, but in reality it does not necessarily mean the appearance of CS2 on mobile platforms. According to him, the pieces of code that are the basis of this information may be leftovers from games that were ultimately canceled or developed on this engine, but with a mobile environment in mind (eg Dota Underlords).

no sight no sound

On the rumors of the possibility of CS2Appearance on mobile devices is also overshadowed by Valve’s silence.. History has shown, however, that the company has nothing against CS ports (CSGO on consoles is a good example), and brands like PUBG, Call of Duty or Fortnite have been very successful in the mobile market, so we shouldn’t rule it out completely. such a scenario.

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