This week there was one such event that completely rocked social media. After many rumors, leaks and speculations from the press and users, Counter-Strike 2 is officially announced. This new take on Valve’s classic shooter will be released this summer and will completely change the gaming experience we’ve all come to know.

Despite the fact that there are still a few months before you can enjoy all the content of this long-awaited PC title, one user has raised alarm bells in the community by revealing something shocking. Actually Counter-Strike 2 has already been leaked and is currently making the rounds various forums of the Internet.

Counter-Strike 2 filtered

  • User Artie Yamamoto shared a series of screenshots via Twitter in which he demonstrates that there is a torrent file through which it is possible to download Counter-Strike 2 on your PC
  • A priori one could believe that it is a fake, however Yamamoto confirmed the veracity of this important leak find Valve Corp digital signature on file .exe
  • This torrent contains 2664 files, has a size of 18.92 GB and offers the opportunity to play a preview version of the game
  • This same user was able to play some games and see for yourself some of the new playables, as evidenced by various images captured by himself

Are we facing a big mistake or pure marketing?

When I told a friend about it, he told me it was probably a marketing maneuver by Valve itself. But is it possible? I mean, does a company like Valve really need to perform this type of maneuver to promote a game as legendary as Counter-Strike?

Personally, I think we are facing a slip-up from a tester.

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