Finally, what we have been waiting for a long time has happened: Rainbow Six has already jumped to mobile phones with a game that was developed from scratch and that promises to put R6 Siege fans in a very faithful experience, but used from their mobile devices.

As you have just read, Rainbow Six Mobile is a brand new game whose task is to bring R6 Siege to mobile in a very faithful way that everyone can enjoy at any time.

In this installment, the players will participate in duels of 5 against 5 where some have to attack and the others defend. As in Siege , in this installment of the games that are accompanied by the name of Tom Clancy , a team will deploy drones to investigate which routes to take, while the defender must armor walls, use spy cameras and set traps to stop the attacks. enemy attacks.

The strategy characteristic that has accompanied this franchise for a long time will now be experienced on mobile devices and in a way that is very loyal to the product that millions of people play every day.

Rainbow Six Mobile with all the experience of R6 Siege

In case there was any doubt, players will be able to choose from several Operators that they already know in Rainbow Six Mobile . Each of these characters has their own equipment, their respective abilities, weapons, and more that make them unique.

If that wasn’t enough, this Ubisoft development will also feature iconic Rainbow Six Siege maps like Bank and Frontier . Among the player versus player modes we are going to have Safe Area and Bomb .

Now, in order to try out this new gaming experience, you’ll need to take a tour of and register to be on the lookout for when they release the tests that will make you enjoy this new mobile game.

On the other hand, to give you a better idea that this is not just any development, not only Ubisoft Montreal works on this development; there are also the Winnipeg, Halifax, Paris, Quebec, Bucharest, Kiev, Pune, RedLynx, Chengdu and Shanghai studios.

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