SnowRunner, the latest simulation of Sabre Interactive and Focus Entertainment is ready to land also on the new generation consoles, so as to allow all lovers of wild nature to explore the vast open world offered by the title also on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox series S.

Also it is good to point out how this new version of the game will be released in totally free form for all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners from the day of May 31. Thanks to this new update, the public can live the SnowRunner experience “with unprecedented power thanks to the latest generation of consoles”.

The Next Gen version of the racing title will obviously offer a renewed technical sector, capable of giving the maximum thanks to the different types of terrain present in the title, with the various biomes that are literally enhanced by the 4K resolution and by an unlimited speed offered by the 60 FPS.

SnowRunner is ready to take advantage of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft as well

Watch nature and the elements come to life as you spin the wheels on mud, snow, ice and rivers to complete deliveries and explore the open world alone or with up to 3 friends no matter what platform they play on, thanks to the full support of the crossplay. The time has come to take advantage of revolutionary physics and treacherous environments on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 with the addition of haptic feedback support to feel every nuance of the terrain beneath your wheels.

We also remind you that SnowRunner is already available on current generation consoles, so PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, while the next-generation console versions of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft, therefore PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series respectively, will be available from May 31 of this year.

For those who do not know what it is, SnowRunner allows players to position themselves in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles, all with the aim of exploring an open game world characterized by a decidedly advanced terrain simulation and in step with the best technologies currently available on the market.

In the game there are 40 vehicles to unlock and belonging to some very famous brands such as Ford, Chevrolet and Freightliner. Pass mud, torrential waters, snow and frozen lakes as you take on dangerous contracts and missions.

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