Twitch streamer loses almost all of its followers overnight

Twitch streamer loses almost all of its followers overnight

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It is the dream of many gamers to one day be able to play video games professionally so that they can turn their hobby into a profession. Fortunately, the Twitch streaming platform gives you the opportunity to start your career.

A streamer named Nathan started to make a career on the platform and after two years of hard work already had 20,000 followers. One day, however, the streamer woke up to find that almost all of his followers had disappeared overnight.

Two years of work gone

On January 13th, Nathan shared what happened on Twitter and stated that his success, which he had worked hard for over two years and two months, disappeared overnight for no reason whatsoever. Since Nathan has only just turned 16, some people have also wondered who created Nathan’s Twitch account when he was under 13.

People gathered around Nathan and quickly got his channel to 10,000 followers. Twitch itself has not commented publicly on what happened to Nathan’s channel, so we can only speculate as to what might have happened.

One possible reason would be that Twitch strictly enforced the rules for accounts created by minors. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that this was the case for Nathan’s Channel.

Error from Twitch

Others speculated that it was a bug from Twitch and that only Nathan should see the problem or bug, which was not the case either. However, other users have been able to confirm that Nathan’s follower count actually dropped to seven.

Twitch channels are blocked or banned from the platform with a certain regularity. However, it’s not common for 20,000 followers to disappear overnight. So we can only hope that Twitch will get in touch and clear up the incident.

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