Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed this month’s free games from February 2021 for users subscribed to PS Plus on PS5 and PS4. After the rotation of the month of January, the Japanese company has announced the titles that it will offer at no additional cost to subscribers of the service on both consoles, as we will see below. Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are the chosen titles. Let’s find out all the details, dates included, this month on PlayStation Plus.

Destruction AllStars, great protagonist of PS5 games

The first featured game is Destruction AllStars, initially planned for the console release last November and separately. Sony made the decision to make this multiplayer title battle royale sports action and car combat in an exclusive incentive for PS Plus members. And here we have it. Only PlayStation 5 players will be able to play it. The mechanism? Destroy everything we see around us in matches about vehicles capable of transforming and blowing up … in states with a huge audience.

Destruction AllStars will be available as a PS Plus gift from February 2 to April 5.

Control Ultimate Edition (PS4 y PS5) y Concrete Genie (PS4)

Control It was one of the best rated video games of last 2019; now, its final version comes to PS Plus for users of both PlayStation 4 and PS5. Remedy’s work was celebrated for its level design, the story we are told, its secrets, and the combination of the protagonist’s powers and firearms. Control: Ultimate Edition includes the main game and the expansions “The Foundation” and “SMA”. On the other hand, Concrete Genie. The Pixel Opus title is presented as an adventure and action game accompanied by interesting puzzles and puzzles, where painting is the main protagonist. We will use a brush that, thanks to the movement sensor of the remote, will allow us to paint with more precision a gray and colorless world.

Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie will be free to download with PS Plus from February 2 to March 1.

Control: Ultimate Edition
Control: Ultimate Edition

PS Plus Collection, available exclusively for PS5

We remember that the players of PlayStation 5 Subscribers to PS Plus can get hold of a collection of 20 defining PS4 video games at no additional cost, PS Plus Collection. You select them, add them to your library, download and … to play. Unlimited. We talk about great works like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and many more.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition They are already on sale worldwide at a recommended price of 499 euros and 399 euros, respectively. At the moment there is no stock available, but from MeriStation we have prepared this article where we review the status of the stock in all the stores in Spain; Likewise, we recommend that you consult here some tips on how to reserve the console: channels, accounts to follow and more.

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