The new Dark Passenger project seems to be quite interesting

As we reported with a dedicated article, in recent days the first game of the new development team made up of former components of CD Projekt RED Polish development team to which we owe, among others, the famous videogame transposition of The Witcher and the recent and discussed Cyberpunk 2077.

For those who missed the announcement we just talked about, the new study in question is called Dark Passenger and was co-founded by Jakub Ben e Marcin Michalski currently engaged in the creation of an online game that has its roots in the latest generation graphics engine Unreal Engine 5 presenting some similarities with Destiny 2 e Warframebut being able to count on Feudal Japan as a setting.

The new project of some former developers of CD Projekt RED presents some Sicilians with Destiny and Warframe

This new independent study consists of “veteran game developers and CD Projekt RED specialists”And is currently in production on a new online game starring i Ninja. Dark Passenger describes the game as a title multiplayer online in prima persona focused on stealth with co-op elements, PvP and PvE, very similar to Destiny 2 all powered by the latest graphics engine of Epic Games.

This new game will feature close-range combat, defined as engaging, with players being able to use weapons such as “katanas, short blades of tanto and wakizashi, kusarigama chains, shuriken, kunai throwing knives”And more.

That said, the release of this title seems to be still a long way off, on the other hand it does not yet even have an official name, but given what we have reported in this article, this new this new project by Dark Passenger (with many ex CD Projekt RED) is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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