GTA 6, new leaks appear on the map and setting

GTA 6, new leaks appear on the map and setting

A leaker close to the Rockstar world reveals some details on the new chapter of the series

Let’s talk again about GTA 6 with a new leak just appeared on the net. The leaker Matheusvictorbr-well known to all fans of Rockstar since it is a personality who has already released leaks and speculations on the software house in the past, has released some details regarding the extension of the game map and the regions that will be present within it.

New leaks arrive for GTA 6

As you can read yourself in the tweet at the bottom of the article, the leaker replied to some fans who asked for information regarding the map of GTA 6 and he “confirmed” that it will be at least as big as that of Red Dead Online 2. In addition, he also explained that inside it there may be Caribbean islands which, however, will not be freely accessible, suggesting that they can be exploited for cutscenes.

Matheusvictorbr- he also then talked about the online of GTA 6, an aspect that certainly appeals to all fans of the series. According to the information in his possession, the leaker has stated that the next setting of GTA Online it will be a modern version of Liberty City; however, development is still in its infancy and therefore there is no more information about it.

Obviously, as usual, we invite you to take all the information we have reported above with a grain of salt as it is simple speculations put online by a leaker. Although the source proved to be close to Rockstar however, it is not anything official.

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