Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe has shared another very small preview of their upcoming Haunted Chocolatier game.

This brief preview of the new game was shared on the developer’s Twitter account and it’s actually just a few sketches of a variety of chocolates, most definitely the haunted variety. Some of the illustrations look like real-world candies, while others look a bit more suspicious. I’m especially a fan of the little ones with empty but happy faces.

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If this concept art tells us anything about Haunted Chocolatier, it’s that we’re probably still a little far from having actually played the game ourselves, especially since these illustrations seem to have been drawn by hand and therefore not yet placed in play. However, there are theories that the game will release this year, as savvy fans spotted a subtle hint of the year 2023 in one of the game’s screenshots shared in 2021.

Unfortunately for those desperate to find out more about the haunted chocolatier, it’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the project. The most recent update we received is that Diablo 2 played a part in influencing the haunted chocolate maker, even though the two games are complete opposites to each other. Oh, ConcernedApe also assured fans that their renewed interest in World of Warcraft will in no way delay Haunted Chocolatier.

It makes sense that we had to wait a bit for Haunted Chocolatier updates, as well as fairly regular Stardew Valley updates, ConcernedApe has also been working on another “new project” besides Haunted Chocolatier, it doesn’t. has simply not been revealed to the public. always.

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