Ethel Pozo has denied wanting to “victimize herself” by crying over Melissa Paredes’ ampay.

Ethel Pozo reacted to recent statements by Melissa Paredes In ‘gift‘, where he revealed that he felt that his former colleagues from ‘america todayThey turned their backs on him when his controversial ampay with Anthony Aranda spread.

“I didn’t leave my teammates, I didn’t tell them ‘fire me because I made a mistake.’ They are the ones who put me aside. I would not have done that (…) It seemed like a stab in the back. I have nothing against them, I have zero grudges “I’m worth ten cucumbers what they do with their lives. We weren’t friends either,” the model said on her show.

Even, Melissa Paredes referred to the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, who cried in front of the cameras when the television host announced that her marriage to Rodrigo Cuba was already over before Magaly Medina broadcast images of their kisses with “The activator‘.

“A person in my close circle would not have acted the way they acted… crying and leaving me worse, I felt it. I wanted to tell himWhy cry? to look good?‘. It shocked me, and I told them at the time,” said the ex-wife of ‘Gato‘Cuba.

Melissa Paredes has distanced herself from Ethel Pozo and her former ‘América Hoy’ colleagues. Pan American / Switch on

GlobeLiveMedia spoke with the current host of ‘My mother cooks better than yours‘ about his former TV partner’s expressions. True to its style Ethel Pozo He minimized the model’s remarks and assured that his intention had never been to victimize himself on television.

“I always said, year after year, that I looked at my program, my work. I am very critical of myself. I get and listen to criticism, but I don’t respond to people because I believe the job is there. I hate victimization, always. When the robbery in my house happened to me recently, and I said fine, this is the first time I have to go out because I wanted to get my daughters’ picture and my visa back,” he said. at first.

He added that the episode of the robbery of his apartment was the only time he told his unfortunate episode, in order to recover his belongings. “I don’t like feeling sorry or victimizing myself. My job is to entertain, to do my best, to make people smile, so that’s what I’m here for. Responding to people is wrong with me,” he said. Ethel Pozo.

Ethel Pozo spoke with GlobeLiveMedia about Melissa Paredes.
Ethel Pozo spoke with GlobeLiveMedia about Melissa Paredes.

The TV pilots will be back this Sunday, March 5 with the 2023 season of ‘My mother cooks better than yours‘. On this subject, Ethel Pozo there Yaco Eskenazi They have ruled out, for the time being, the incorporation of a third driving partner.

“Yaco and I take great care of our work, we don’t even get sick, we’ve never been away, we’re always here, but hey, like Yaco said, it’s determined by the producers, that does not depend on us. We are going to be as long as the public allows us, ”said the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel.

Meanwhile, the former captain of ‘It’s the warHe added that, although he does not see another partner on set, he would like to have Edson Dávila on his cooking show. “He would be as amused as a balcony popping up every once in a while saying one of his thanks.”

Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi will return with 'My mom cooks better than yours'.
Ethel Pozo and Yaco Eskenazi will return with ‘My mom cooks better than yours’.

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