Forget became one of the stars of the week after the launch of Comprame A Brishito, a song full of empowerment and very catchy electro-pop sounds. But that’s not all.

Apparently, the lyrics of the song did not please everyone. In this one, the artist asks the other person to buy her a “glitter” because, even though she has the money to pay for it, she deserves it. Negative reviews reached the ears of Lali herself, and she did not hesitate to send an ironic message to everyone.

“For those who are worried about my lyrics, fear not! The rest of the album is about quantum physics, NASA’s latest advances and its impact on the 300 dollar! Aaaaahhhhhh your album life happens my love” Post.”says the artist on his Twitter account.

Her words were applauded by her fans, even though they weren’t expecting a professional (and also successful) colleague to respond to Lali with a message that implies they’ll be collaborating on her new album together. . She is neither more nor less than Nicki Nicole. “Friend, our subject does not speak of that”, declares the interpreter of Colocao’ among the answers. “Nooooo… our subject goes further. That the earth is flat is a subject that affects us all…”laughs Lali again.

As expected, the two Argentines’ followers were quick to share their enthusiasm on social media. A collaboration is announced between these two leaders of the musical scene of their country at the international level, and we are sure that it will make much talk on the digital platforms.

As of now, it is unknown when Lali’s new studio album will be released, but her fans are very aware of every move she makes on social media and every word she shares through them. They don’t want to miss a single detail of their new project which, according to the artist herself, will be “for connoisseurs”.

And you, what do you think his collaboration with Nicki Nicole will be about?

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