The PlayStation 5 has sold 32.1 million units as of December 31, 2022. In its recent consolidated financial results, Sony confirmed that it sold 7.1 million units in the previous quarter. However, according to sources, the third quarter of fiscal 2024 will be even higher.

Apparently, Sony is aiming to sell 10.5 million between October 1 and December 31, 2023. August 2023 will be the slowest month, with 1.5 million sold, while November is expected to have 4.8 million sales. In total, the company expects 30.5 million sales in the fiscal year, according to an earlier report from Insider Gaming.

Apparently, the sales figures are due to the new PlayStation 5 model, which incorporates a removable disk drive. Production will begin in April and it will supposedly be available for purchase in September.

Interestingly, Sony expects the new model to sell 18.5 million units in fiscal year 2024, while the current model will sell around 12 million before production ceases.

As Henderson points out, internal forecasts are subject to change due to market performance. Time will tell if these goals are achieved, so stay tuned.

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