If you were waiting for the moment to be able to download and have Scorn ready for when the next one is released October 14th You are in luck, you can now download it in advance. As you already know, you can buy the game if you want to own it or, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can download it and play it at no additional cost.

Scorn offers us a shady journey in which the beauty of horror will be mixed with mechanics in which puzzles and tension will subdue us at all times. It is without a doubt one of those games that you can love or hate, we are convinced that it is not a game for all audiences, but the good thing about it launching on Xbox Game Pass is that you can try it for yourself and make a decision .

Scorn is now available for download on Xbox

For those of you who have gigabytes of your SSD, the game weighs 18.75 GBso, seeing the weight of current games, it is a moderate weight on the low side.

Scorn is set in a nightmarish universe with strange shapes and dark settings. It is designed around the idea of ​​being thrown into an isolated and lost world of dreams, you will explore different regions that are interconnected in a non-linear way. Each location has its own theme, with puzzles and characters that are an integral part of creating a cohesive world.

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