Looking beautiful and flirtatious, María León walks the streets of Miami

María León walks the streets of Miami; Looking beautiful and flirtatious

The singer María León is in the city of Miami, because she is part of the dance cast of the reality show “Look who is dancing”That is why she is a bit far from her native Mexico, raising the nation with all the great talent she has shown throughout her artistic career.

After airing the first episode of the new season and setting the dance floor alight with her smooth, well-coordinated and fierce dance moves, leaving all her heart right there, she decides to relax a bit, going for a walk through the streets of the hot Miami city.

The impressive silhouette of singer-songwriter The 36-year-old captured all the eyes of her audience, as she appeared relaxed and with a lot of flow in comfortable blue denim jeans, she contrasted it with a gray crop-top that let her solid abdomen take all the attention of the audience. Photo.

Mary Leon is one of the most disciplined and talented artists in the entire country, that is why her hard work in the gyms has its rewards, one of those is the incredible silhouette that she boasts on her social networks, leaving all the netizens who see her drooling. They are still on their official accounts.

The low cut of the jeans and the shortness of the top allowed to see the coquettish threads that protruded from the pants, showing off her hair loose in natural and relaxed waves just like the style that the singer was handling in that post.

Mary Leon capped the post by writing:

“We survived… Miami confirmed it for me
#Second week
Thank you for so much love at @miraquienbaila’s first gala, I missed dancing with you so much… it makes me very happy.”

Well, the ex-vocalist of the band Playa Limbo She was one of the best contestants for the entire public, both those who were present and the audience who enjoyed it from their televisions, and of course! If the interpreter of “Forbidden to love us” She set the dance floor on fire with the amazing salsa and samba choreography.

While in the stories of her Instagram account she was telling that they will not let their guard down and will continue to train hard to be better and better in the reality show, is that even possible? After the great performance that she showed on stage, she made it clear that she is a professional dancer.

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