Since the release of the album ‘Renaissance’, the singer Beyoncé has not stopped facing controversies around the elements used to create her songs, gathering so far two accusations of plagiarism and multiple accusations for using an ableist term in the lyrics of one of her songs.

When the waters seemed to have calmed down, the celebrity was again involved in a conflict, this after the music group Right Said Fred accused her of using the song ‘I’m Too Sexy’ without consent in the song ‘Alien Superstar’ . But Queen B’s reaction in this case was very different from the previous occasions.

Although in the two previous controversies Beyoncé had given in and proceeded to eliminate all the fragments of the issues that were conflicting, now it was she and her company that came out to testify in order to deny the words of the band, showing evidence that proved their innocence.

And it is that not content with making a point in which they affirmed the alleged use of their successful theme without permission in the seventh studio album of the American, they gave this statement during the live broadcast of the Broadcast Music Inc Awards 2022, held in The Savoy Hotel in London.

As expected, the artist was not happy with this unfortunate event, so she spoke out against the strong words used to describe her, because among the many accusations it was said that she had proven to be “too arrogant” to seek songwriters personally for permission.


In addition, the incident with Kelis’s ‘Milkshake’ was mentioned, mentioning that this had been a very similar case of plagiarism, as they had never received their due royalties.

However, before long, Beyoncé’s company was quick to refute, saying that permission to sample had been granted, in addition to the fact that the group had been paid. The statement contains the following statements:

“Comments made by Right Said Fred claiming that Beyoncé used I’m Too Sexy in Alien Superstar without permission are wrong and incredibly derogatory.”

It is further explained that “not only was permission granted for their use, but they publicly spoke of their gratitude for being on the album, the sound recording was not used, only the composition was used”. The dates of the corresponding transactions were given to make it legal.

“Permission was sought from their publisher on May 11, 2022, and the publisher approved the use on June 15, 2022. They were paid for the use in August of that year.”

The letter goes on to say that “Right Said Fred’s writers’ percentage of copyright to the use of I’m Too Sexy is a substantial part of the composition. Collectively Right Said Fred’s writers own more than any other writer.”

Finally, it was said in the most blunt way possible that if the co-writing credits are in order, closing with a flourish by making the statement: “This accusation is false”.

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