Rita Ora is in great shape – both physical and mental. She is so confident in herself and so happy that she wants to convey all the positivity she experiences through her new music, being aware that mistakes have also made her who she is today and where she is. For this reason, he wants to infect his fans with this security more than ever. “I want people to feel free”, he told Zane Lowe in his interview for Apple Music 1.

The British just opened praise you, a single whose title is not fortuitous. And it is that he has a special relationship with Praise Yourself, from Fatboy Slim (Norman Quentin Cook), the hit of the late 90s. Their connection is such that Ora not only got the green light from the DJ to sample his hit, but also participated in the song as a collaborator.

a different point of view

During her interview with the announcer, Rita Ora gave details about this song which will be included in her upcoming album titled You and me. The artist confessed, among other things, how she managed to get permission from the famous producer. “Honestly, I had to kick him out at 3 a.m. at Glastonbury. There he was, on his set. Ready, waiting… But 3 a.m. is not the time to talk business”she declares, specifying that she is a big fan of her compatriot and that will praise you It was an incredible cultural moment.

The singer composed her song with Serben —Romanian producer—, Georgia Coup and a “good group of people”. Se created under a premise: “What would we be doing in our dreams?”, and they got to work. “We wrote our dream version of this record. We didn’t even know if he (Fatboy Slim) was going to say yes,” he explained.

He revealed that Cook himself told him, “I’ve heard a lot of people trying to do something like will praise you or flip it and I’ve held it back for so many years I’ll give it to you (…) because your point of view is different.” So listening to “classic rave” was, in the words of Rita, “the way to find a real emotional connection with him and show it on the dance floor. ” And therefore, praise you is a song about “praise your loved ones and try to find happiness at certain times”. For her, it was a real honor to take over as the DJ proudly passed.

A video clip recorded in record time

The interpreter’s desire to make the video was clear: she wanted Spike Jonze. However, the manager was busy, so he had to come up with a plan B, so he stuck with it. Taika Waititi, her husband. “It’s great to be able to collaborate with people you respect. And I love Taika’s way of thinking; that’s really what I fell in love with. He teaches me things every day. One day we were watching a movie and I said to him: ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to do something like in And all that there Fama?’ and he said, ‘I would love to’. That’s when we got the idea. We shot the whole thing in one day in downtown LA and it was amazing to work with him and make this short, because it really is; having Norman Cook in the video was a treat,” he said of the Praising You video, which is available exclusively on META.

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