Path of Titans: The new dinosaur MMO that is now available on Xbox

Path of Titans: The new dinosaur MMO that is now available on Xbox

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Exactly, everyone loves them, that’s what Path of Titans must have thought when offering us this new installment. This game is developed by Alderon Games and takes us to planet Earth millions of years ago, when the great dinosaurs were the bosses of everything.

Path of Titans is an MMO that allows us to play with up to 200 people in a vast world full of vegetation, rivers and dangers. Put yourself in the shoes of your favorite dinosaur and survive all the dangers that you find on the way.

Path of Titans wants to make a mark

For now we are faced with a «game preview»namely, Path of Titans it is still a work in progress. East sandbox offers us 25 different dinosaur species and more than 100,000 cosmetic objects to customize everything to our liking. In addition to that, it also has a mods section where the community can upload their work and share it with the rest of the players.

This is not all, since the developer herself has confirmed that they will add new species to the game, thus making the gameplay and the challenges be much more varied. Become a baby of these magnificent animals and develop your life to your liking, be careful of the dangers and fight against them, but above all… Survive. Path of Titans offers us two different versions and also provides us with a free trial for us to try this new installment.

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