Gotham Knights Rises The Tension Around The Next Big Bad To Succeed The Joker

Gotham Knights Rises The Tension Around The Next Big Bad To Succeed The Joker

While waiting to discover the anti-heroes of Rocksteady’s next game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Warner Bros. Montreal can stand on its own two feet and stage the vigilantes who will carry on the legacy of Batman. However, what is one of the most anticipated DC Comics games has yet to tell us all about the antagonists in this installment who will have the heavy burden of matching or surpassing the Joker. Behind the scenes, things are falling into place for new revelations!


  • After the Joker, the heirs of Batman have another fight to fight
  • A Gotham City full of villains

It’s been a while since we hear about the small group of superheroes who will take up the torch, following the death of the Dark Knight. No Batman on the horizon for this new production, but a quartet of characters who seem ready to do battle, as their successive presentations have proven. Lately, Robin and Batgirl have shown the extent of their abilities while Nightwing had the unfortunate tendency to monopolize all the attention for a few weeks.

Thus, the communication around Gotham Knights has finally made the rounds of its various heroes and can therefore be interested in other subjects that revolve around its universe.. Because, casually, there are still quite a few mysteries hanging over Warner Bros.’ game. Montreal and recent gossip about the very content of the game and the plot are starting to spread. Among these, we find the case of Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, who raised the question of his presence or not. The project executives preferred to kick in touch, but we should learn more about a very important character, or rather an antagonist, of the title.

A Gotham City full of villains

For video game Gotham Knights, San Diego Comic-Con was a can’t-miss event. Beyond the information, some elements about the game came to us through interviews with project executives conducted on site. The release is getting closer and, little by little, the cast of characters is revealed, at least on the superhero side. Because as far as the antagonists are concerned, it does not rush: we already know that the famous Court of Owls will have a key role and that Mr. Freeze will also be there, but that’s not all ! In reality, and to use the words of Patrick Redding (creative director of Gotham Knights), there are still a lot of things to talk about on that side.

Beyond adding an additional antagonist, it remains “multiple villains » waiting to be confirmed, with the exception of the Joker who will not be present in this title. Patrick Redding deliberately raises the tension around these revelations, especially since he claims to be ” particularly proud » of one of them. The latter would like to reveal more but, for the moment, we will have to be patient. However, he invites players to stay on the alert because a big bad will be revealed from here” a few weeks »it is only from there that he will be able to be more talkative and answer all the questions about him: all you have to do is stay tuned!

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